Lab Facilities For BSTE

Textile Engineering Department of City University has rich lab facilities in all major specialization as well as quality control section: e.g. Yarn Manufacturing- Carding, Drawing, Simplex, Ring-Frame etc.; Fabric Manufacturing- Power Loom (Shuttle & Shuttleless), Knitting Machines (Singles & Double Jersey), Sweater Machines, Linking Machines, Dobby & Jacquard etc.; Coloration- Sample Dyer, Winch Dyer, Jigger, Padder, Dryer, Washing Machine etc.; Apparel-All sewing machines & Cutting machines; TTQC- Most of the fiber, Yarn & Fabric dimension testing machines.; Mechanical Engineering- All modern workshop practice apparatus. In addition, Faculty of Science & Engineering has established undergraduate Physics & Chemistry labs for the students of this Faculty.

Available Labs For Department of Textile Engineering

  • Wet Processing
  • Yarn Manufacturing Lab
  • Textile Testing & Quality Control Lab
  • Weaving & Knitting
  • Garments Manufacturing
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mechanical Engineering Lab